About Hensat

Hensat Telecommunications is a Nigerian-based company specialising in providing its clients with a wide range of telecommunication products and services. The company was established to bridge the communication gap in Nigeria by offering affordable and quality products to residential and commercial customers.


One of the flagship products of Hensat Telecommunications is the HST 2090 Plus, a high-performance satellite decoder that enables customers to access various satellite channels from around the world. In addition, the company provides a complete set of dish, including the Hensat 1.8-meter dish, to ensure that customers can receive optimal signal strength and quality.


Hensat Telecommunications also offers a range of amplifiers and switches, including the Televes Amplifier 51db 5338, the NevoSwitch 5X5 MATV/FI Amplifier with a gain of 27/25DB, and the Alcad CA-310 Booster. These products enhance signal quality and ensure customers receive an uninterrupted viewing experience.


The company’s product line also includes modulators such as the Televes Modulator 5858 and Televes 5859 Modulator, which enable customers to convert audio and video signals to the desired format for transmission. Other products offered by Hensat Telecommunications include the Satlink WS-6933 Satellite finder, Fuji Daul LNB (4 Way), Supermax C-Band LNBF, and DStv Switch with 4 Unicable & 4 Universal Outputs, among others.


Hensat Telecommunications is committed to providing its customers with innovative and affordable telecommunication products. The company’s mission is to become the leading provider of satellite and digital television services in Nigeria by providing reliable, high-quality products and exceptional customer service.